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Communication Technology
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Silver-Line - TIRO XL
baehr R1200GS Special-Edition
Silver-Line - TIRO PLUS
Black-Line - Phone-Adapter
Black-Line - BASIC SL
Black-Line - ACTIVE
Silver-Line - VERSO 2
Silver-Line - VERSO XL
Silver-Line - K 1200 LT
Silver-Line - ULTIMA XL
Silver-Line - R 1200 RT
Silver-Line - R 1150 RT
Silver-Line R1200RT ab Baujahr 2010
Silver-Line K 1600 GT / GTL
Silver-Line - K 1200 GT
Silver-Line - CAPO 3
Silver-Line - CAPO 3U
SENA 20-S Solo-Pack
SENA 20-S Dual-Pack
SENA SR10-10
SENA SM10-01
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Communication technology
For all universal connectors you can set the priority yourself. (Priority Automatic)
which means the volume of all other audio inputs is automatically decreased if the connector with the highest priority receives a signal.
Grand Tour - Great Entertainment

More than words...
Riding a bike, stands for hobby, freedom, relaxation.
Enjoy peace and quiet, simply leave behind the hectic and stressful everyday life.

Communication - epitome of our time, meaning permanent availability, pressure of time, stress, precipitance. We, however, link communication with riding your bike, holidays, relaxation and being with friends!
Communication on your bike represents: Share the ride and share the fun!

Why should you miss out on something that everybody is taking for granted just because you happen to be on a motorbike? To simply talk to each other, share thoughts, impressions without having to wait for the next stop. Make an enjoyable tour even
more relaxing by listening to some great music instead of monotonous wind noise.

But biking also means travel, discovering new landscapes and faraway countries, seeing and experiencing strange and interesting things. Communication makes it possible to be actively together, whether you ride in pairs or in a group. More co-ordination, less misunderstandings, more safety. Two heads are better than one - they say. And if one head is 100 meters ahead of the other, then perhaps you will know about those loose chippings even before you see them.
We call that active safety.

If you know nothing about intercoms for bikes you are likely to have only a faint idea what you miss out on. But, wasn't it the same with central lockin system, ABS, and air condition for your car? And today? Our customers sure would not want to do without the
convenient, well-engineered technology of baehr intercoms ever again!

Try communication, try baehr technology - we are sure, one day you won't do without it anymore!

One Bike or more? - Radio or Intercom?

Are designed for communication between driver and pillion - or in the case of combinations between more passengers.
The listen/talk equipment is fitted unnoticeably underneath the padding of the helmet. A helix cable connects the helmets to the intercom on the bike.
For safety reasons the connection cable is pluggable on both ends - helmet and bike! The electronic system (black box) is firmly embedded within the bike, fed by the on-board power supply. This prevents tangled cables and saves on expensive batteries.

After the helmets are connected and the ignition is switched on the intercom is active. Thanks to 2 separate channels communication is as easy as at home. You can fully concentrate on driving and traffic.

Motorcycle Radio Installations
Are designed for communication between 2 or more bikes. As with our intercoms, the listen/talk equipment within the helmet is wired (with a helix cable) to the radio installation on your bike. Drivers of thus equipped bikes are able to talk to each other within a
certain range. For technical and functional reasons you have to press a transmit button to talk. This is about as complicated as pulling the clutch lever! Otherwise the radio is set for reception.

In case a pillion is also connected (e.g. our "XL" range), he can listen in on all communication and talk to his driver but cannot communicate directly with another driver/pillion.

What you get is what you see!
Verschiedene Anschlusskabel für Musikgeräte, Adapter, Montagematerial und Spezialhalterungen, Bügelmikrofone für Jet-, Klapp- und Systemhelme, kleine und große, flache und klangvolle Laut-sprecher, Spiral- und Verlängerungskabel, Bedienelemente und Sendetasten, lange und kurze, dicke und flexible Antennen, Freisprecheinrichtungen und Aufrüstsätze – damit die Vielfalt der Motorräder und Helme, die Möglichkeiten und individuellen Wünsche nicht zum Problem werden. Über 300 verschiedene Zubehörartikel machen unsere Kommunikationsanlagen erst so richtig perfekt. Aber keine Angst, unsere Anlagen werden immer komplett und sofort nutzbar geliefert. Mit dem richtigen Zubehör lässt sich nur noch ein bisschen mehr aus Ihrer Anlage herausholen.
Einbau in verschiedene Helmtypen
Alle baehr-Gegensprechanlagen werden komplett mit zwei Helmeinbausätzen für Integralhelme ausgeliefert, die Motorrad-Funk-Anlagen und die Handy-Freisprecheinrichtung mit einem Helmeinbausatz.
Sollten Sie Jet- oder Klapphelme besitzen, ist es wichtig, dass Sie uns diese bei der Bestellung mitteilen:
Zum Einbau in Jethelme benötigen Sie ein Bügelmikrofon anstelle des Standart-Integralhelmmikrofons.
Zum Einbau in den Schubert Concept 1 oder 2 ein Mini-Bügelmikrofon BMC-06.
Beim Einbau in andere Klapphelme haben Sie die Wahl zwischen dem Mini-Bügelmikrofon BMC-06 oder ein Spiralkabel SKK-03
welches außerhalb des Sichtbereiches angebracht wird und dem Standart-Integralhelmmikrofon ermöglicht mit dem Kinnteil nach oben geschwenkt zu werden.

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